In Pictures

I just read a couple of volume Is that I thought were pretty great.

First up was Four Eyes, by Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara. I’ve liked Joe Kelly’s stuff since the late ’90s, when he wrote a criminally overlooked run of Daredevil. More recently I’ve been reading his creator-owned stuff. (I can’t recall if I talked about I Kill Giants here, but if I didn’t you should check that out if you get a chance; it’s fantastic and touching piece of magical realism.)

Four Eyes is about a young man named Enrico, who lives in a 1930s New York where dragons are real and forced to fight in brutal, illegal dog-fight style matches while gamblers bet on them in a desperate attempt to alleviate their Depression woes.

If you need more than that I’m not sure why you’re even here. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and hope to see more. There’s a lot of potential in the setting, and the art is excellent. At the moment I think this is all there is, with the future of the series uncertain. But it works pretty well on its own, so if we never get any more I won’t feel like I’ve been left with a cliffhanger.

Next was Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire. A post-apocalypse setting in which a plague has wiped out much of humanity, the story follows Gus, who is among a new breed of human-animal hybrids who are immune to the plague but hunted by surviving humans. This first volume hints at a lot more going on in the world than simple survival. Isolated for years from the harsh, shattered world, Gus is a voice of hope and innocence in a dark fairy tale.

Sweet Tooth is coming out regularly, so I’m looking forward to the next trade.