Case of the whatsits

This morning I found myself thinking about my abandoned Scarlet Ranger novel (begun in a NaNo event a couple years ago). Maybe I’ll give it another go. Is there a point? Even if I finish it I’ll almost certainly have to self-publish. Maybe I should do it just to get it out of my system.

My Daily Sketches don’t seem to be updating properly. This is annoying.

Heading out this afternoon to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World again with a couple guys who haven’t seen it yet. If you are among those who haven’t seen it – well, I don’t want to say you’re a bad person, but, well. Here we are.

I wrote this little bit over the weekend. I think if I can hit the right tone with it this may turn into a fun dark humor piece. We’ll see.


The battery on the portable DVD player died during the credits of Yogi Bear. The kids in the back seat dropped the device in disgust.

“I heard Dan Aykroyd said once that he’s never watched any of his movies,” I told my wife. “Maybe ā€“ and I’m just putting this out there, ball’s in his court really ā€“ maybe he should start.”

“Yeah, well,” Nicole said. “Who cares? He’s probably dead now. That’s probably the last movie they’ll ever see.”

“And that’s the depressing part.”

In the rear view mirror, I see smoke rising from the Dallas skyline some forty miles distant. Every skyscraper looks like some giant took a bite. Dark shapes darted between the buildings, accompanied by flashes of explosions below.