Skirts v Skins

I thought this was pretty interesting, if not surprising in the least. I note a lot of people excusing it based on the time period. Don’t get me wrong, I have no trouble labeling past generations as being dirtbags, it’s just amazing to me that people could be complete assholes and not even realize it, regardless of the time frame. Today a woman can at least look forward to being sneered at from behind closed doors.

Finished up Little Brother and thought I was quite good. There are times where he perhaps goes into too much detail and history, turning some chapters into infomercials about cryptography or hacking. But overall it’s a successful book. Little Brother is the sort of art we should have seen more of during the Bush administration, and reminded me of a lot of my own anger and frustration during those post-9/11 years. Anger and frustration that, aside from a few attempts that were generally ignored or shouted down by either the right or a corrupted media that is more interested in keeping the country at its own throat than informed, went largely unexpressed.

Eh. I could go on, but I fear I haven’t the time at the moment. Also it’s too early for me to think this deeply. I do wish I could make it to this, though.

The Etched City started off strong, then I started to lose interest and swapped for Little Brother. I’ll give it another go.

Oh, I have an article out next Monday over at the Flash Fiction Chronicle. I will, of course, post here when it is live.

I’ve begun work on what could possibly be a very exciting webcomic project. More details when it is closer to reality. I’ve always wanted to write comics, but never found an artist who would stick with it long enough to make them a reality. I think that’s about to change!

And finally, I am occasionally poking at a collection of (what I’d consider) my best short fiction to date. I’ll include some extras, like a dose of my hint fiction and, if I can manage it, a few illustrations from some of my far more talented artsy friends. I would like to have that out by the end of the year.

And finally finally, in case you didn’t know, my wife and I are expecting our first child, who should be on bookshelves this December. Spoiler Alert: It’s a girl.

So yeah, lots going on.


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  1. I just finished the audio book for Little Brother and really enjoyed it. Then last night I had a dream that I was Marcus, in the sequel, where the DHS had come back to SF because of all the gruesome murders I had committed.

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