Too Ordinary Family

Have you guys seen ABC’s “No Ordinary Family”? It stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, both of whom I love, as parents whose family has been granted extraordinary super powers. Sort of a live action Incredibles, but without the street cred. The weird thing about the show is the massive disconnect between the two halves of the show – what we’ve seen of the villains is suitably dark and interesting and seemingly full of potential, but the family stuff is so sugary sweet I think I have diabetes after only a few episodes. I don’t need it. Done.

We lost interest in “Boardwalk Empire” as well. Looks great, but just hasn’t gripped us the way it should have.

“The Walking Dead” adaptation is pretty good, though. They could maybe use some polish on the dialogue.

Writing news!

I should have a story out at A Thousand Faces later this month. It’s looking like this will probably be my only published story this year, which is a massive failure on my part.

I am working on a story now, for the writing group’s Christmas story swap, but I’m really digging the concept and it’s shaping into a nice little story. I should be able to sell it somewhere.

The writing group also has helped me go through my micro fiction (or drabble or hint fic or whatever you want to call it) and cull the chaff from the thin, barely edible wheat. This’ll help me decide which ones to include in my collection.

This is, of course, all dependent on me not going insane by the end of any given week. There is an office whistler and he makes me want to drive pens into both ears, all day long.