This post brought to you by GLeeMONEX

I will assume you all, your presence here indicative of your good taste, have seen this. Soap operas shoehorning advertisements in the middle of the show immediately reminded me of this classic scene from an old favorite.

As a writer, this is particularly appalling to me. I have no problem with tasteful placement of products and brands; indeed, it might be difficult to really believe in a world that isn’t inundated with ads and commercial products. We can barely even communicate anymore without making reference to some drink or restaurant or whatever.

But this is beyond the pale. That’s not a writer’s room I’d have wanted to be in when the word came down for that nonsense.

I have begun to read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. Being a lover of robots, he’s someone I should read at some point, right?

PS, bonus points for whomever can identify GLeeMONEX without Googling it.


2 thoughts on “This post brought to you by GLeeMONEX”

    “Foundation” has little to do with robots. You might be thinking of Asimov’s “Robot” series. “Foundation” is a reenactment of Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” – IN SPACE. Seriously, it’s based off that book.

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