The Grid

I had a half-written review of Tron Legacy I was going to post, but didn’t get a chance. And now the film has been out for like six years, cinema time (cinema years are like dog years, except if you don’t make a bibillion dollars in three days everyone forgets about you). What’s the point? It is pretty. Bad script. You know the drill. I still enjoyed it, because I’m a big fan of the original. I love the larger concepts of the Tron universe, the idea that there are sentient (but severely limited and frustrated by their own ambitions) computer programs thriving and worshiping human beings as gods.

I got a big thrill when Tron said “I fight for the users!”

A quick comment on this Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark broadway show: it’s clearly not working, for whatever reason, despite other shows being just as stunt-heavy. What I’d love to see them do is focus on the civilian side of Spidey; have a show about Peter Parker and Mary Jane, these two crazy kids trying to make it in the big city that happens to be full of superheroes, one of whom happens to be Peter. Minimize the adventure aspects. Really, tell the story from MJ’s perspective. That would be different and interesting and something that hasn’t been done in film and definitely not in theater. We don’t need to see the fights; does someone think Spidey is really going to lose? It’s the lead-up and aftermath that contain all the drama. There’s no reason to have people bleeding in the aisles. And it would show a audience that likely never reads comics that there’s more to the characters than beat-em-ups.

Oh, friend Stephanie has set up a tumblr for writing prompts. Use them!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off waiting by the phone for my call from the Spider-Man producers.