Feel My Sting!

Saw The Green Hornet over the weekend. It’s actually not bad. I had little knowledge of the Green Hornet and Kato before, other than they exist, so I went in with no expectations and low standards. What most impressed me about the movie was that though Kato was the bad-ass, the script managed to stay on track with the Hornet’s story – it’s his moral arc that drives the plot forward. Fun stuff. Eleven-year-old nephew Logan thought it was the greatest thing he’d ever seen (however, he also laughed uproariously at the trailer for the next Big Momma flick, so we take these things with a grain of salt).

[Noted: Seth Rogan has a love/hate relationship with balls. Not sure what’s going on there.]

My nephew, however, has no idea who Bruce Lee is. This is something I must rectify.

In other, totally awesome news, I have been informed that With the Band will be included in Every Day Fiction’s Third Best of Anthology (er, their third anthology, not their anthology of third-best stories, hah!). I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even realize they were putting the anthology together (though it is that time of year) or that I had a story eligible. This is a nice little surprise after a year that was, overall, a very dismal writing period for me.

In other other totally awesome news, I have a pretty solid fantasy story written that I’ll be submitting to the writing group for crits, probably tonight after a few tweaks. Clocking in around 2,600 words, it’s new ground for me, as I haven’t written nearly as much fantasy as someone with my background should.

At any rate, I predict success for this story. I’ll need to blow the dust off my Duotrope account. We shall see!