So back in August I wrote this:

I also don’t expect there would be more people let go before the end of the year – like any publishing company Thomson has a crush at the end of the year as it pushes out the bulk of its products to make the fourth quarter revenue…I figured I’d still be looking in January when the company made its money and decided to trash the rest of our department…

This has turned out to be sadly true, as a number of my old friends were just laid off late last week. Simultaneously, the company CEO sent out an email raving about the billions of dollars they made last year.

Seems I got out in the nick of time.

On to happier subjects.

I’m working on a special project for the Flash Fiction Chronicles. More on that when more develops, and assuming it doesn’t fall apart.

I’ve also polished and submitted my latest story, “Mercier’s Flight.” (Twice, actually, the first being a speedy rejection from a market I chose specifically for its speedy rejections.) I think it’s one of my best stories, so I’m aiming high on this one.