Low Expectations

In honor of President’s Day, today I’ll be stirring up fear about a tiny nation full of brown people and then invading it for monetary gain.

I kid the presidents, I kid. (Not really, though.) They get a lot of crap and for things they have nothing or little to do with. It takes millions of us to ensure that the nation as a whole consistently fails to live up to its own ideals.

All this unrest in the Mid East is at once exhilarating and depressing, in that it is awesome to see people standing up to oppression, and simultaneously aware that it’s hard to imagine that sort of thing happening here on any meaningful scale. I don’t know what it would take. An embargo on MP3 players and SUVs?

They even did it without guns, which is a concept completely alien to the majority here.

The Machinery here is is sturdy.

Sorry, don’t know why I’ve been so political and cynical lately. Blame Jens, if you must.

To end on a high note, holy crap Erin has a new post up.

Also, if you are not watching Justified I will truly give up on this country.