SED 2011 Day 3!

I will post just a portion of this one. It came out to over 1,300 words and is set in the same world as my recently finished and (so far) thrice submitted historical fantasy story, Mercier’s Flight. Maybe I’ll look for a market for this one, though I don’t have the faintest idea where to start. Anyone know of a good historical fantasy war story market?

The Depth Chargers

Private Mitchell Hood uncapped the beaker and snapped it down against the ground, opening down. The worm inside, already bright with heat after with its brief contact with the air, immediately went to work, burrowing into the soil in seconds and vanishing. Lieutenant Carleton knelt nearby with a seismograph and a pair of headphones, his brows knotted in concentration.

Hood had to imagine the rest of what happened below them. The glow worm – a mystically created offshoot of the salamanders of southern France, would follow its instinct, diving straight down through layers of dirt and rock, fleeing the open air above. If Hood and his crew and calculated properly, the glow worm’s journey would end abruptly at the metal skin of a mole boretank. Undaunted, the worm would melt through a half inch of steel and drop into the oxygen-rich cabin on the other side. The gnomes within would have only moments to register the bright star falling in their midst before it exploded.

Carleton motioned to the two privates to his left, and they dropped their worms. Hood put a hand to the ground, feeling the grass between his fingers, hoping to feel the tank breaking apart beneath them. He never felt anything. Even the seismograph was uncertain. Usually they didn’t know if their attempts worked or not.

Suddenly the Lieutenant jumped and scrambled backward. “Scatter! Upcoming!”

The ground shook, and it was all Hood could do to stay on his feet. He and the rest of his squad stumbled off the road to plunge into the snow-covered ditch, away from the epicenter of the localized earthquake.

“Smith!” Lieutenant Carleton screamed. “Smith! Take cover!”