I say thee nay!

My only disappointment with the new Thor movie was that he never said that.

It’s a fun film. As good as they could make a Thor movie without it being a five-hour HBO mini-series. There were whole scenes I watched with a giant grin on my face, because you just never expect to see Thor hovering in mid-air, in the midst of a summoned tornado, twirling his hammer and shooting bolts of lightning at The Destroyer, anywhere but a comic book page. People can say what they will about superhero movies, moments like that are worth Volstagg’s weight in gold.

In Thor’s honor, I dug out this sketch of the lovely Lady Sif I got from Tom Raney a few years ago.

Looking forward to Cap in July.

Mercier’s Flight is still making the rounds, with a fresh rejection just this past week.

Currently reading: Homicide, by David Simon. Fantastic.