Preliminary DCC Report

What a weekend.

My car’s radiator exploded. Sources close to my baby report that she seems to be having her first “wittle cowd.”

But I went to the Dallas Comic-Con, and it was a blast. Met Stan Lee. John Romita, Jr. Two creators who’ve probably influenced my life more anyone else, and seeing them banter on stage was immensely fun. Getting them to sign my first issues of Spider-Man and Daredevil, respectively, was a deep honor. Those are going on the wall.

I avoided buying books and collectible stuff in favor of supporting the artists directly. I picked up a couple of commissions that I will post here as soon as I get a chance to scan them in. After Stan and Romita, the highlight of the show was meeting Amanda Conner, whose art on Power Girl and other things is a delight. I snagged a quick sketch from her and this awesome print for my daughter’s room. Amanda agreed: the girl is doomed.