Mad I Tell You

A while back, I picked this up for my wife, a bit of original art (not a print, but the actual pen-and-ink) crafted by the incomparable Skottie Young, whose work you can find in the fantastic Wizard of Oz adaptations Marvel is putting out. (And also a lot of awesome covers – seriously, just do a Google image search and spend an hour in slack-jawed wonder.) Finally got around to framing it tonight. It also seemed appropriate because of the release of the last movie this weekend.

He refers to this sort of thing as a warm-up sketch. Had I any talent with a pencil, I’d quietly keep it to myself from now on.

I’ve finished up the robot story I posted a bit of last time. I’ll let you know when (and if) it sells. I like it, and I wouldn’t mind writing more adventures for this pair of characters.