Managed to sneak out and see Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend. Loved it. They nailed the characters, the mood, everything. The performances were spot on. The action is fun. And if you’ve been paying attention to the Iron Man and Thor movies, there are lots of little tie-ins to neatly place these movies all in the same universe.

Not that it’s perfect. It could have used another trip through the editing room – some of the action scenes could have been trimmed, and the USO tour was way too long. I would have liked more Bucky, and a more epic…destiny for him.

I also would have liked them to push the Nazi superscience a little more – a huge robot for Steve to bring down would have been a blast, and would have probably helped a general audience believe that this is a man who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with guys like Iron Man and Thor. I think when the Avengers movie comes out, Cap is going to have to prove himself in a way he never had to in the comics.

But, overall, I really enjoyed the flick. Looking forward to seeing it at least once or twice more.


2 thoughts on “Shielded”

  1. I really liked it, too. I think it may be my favorite super hero movie that I’ve seen this summer. I liked First Class a lot, too, but I think it suffered (as many X-men movies do) by trying to put in too many characters.

    And that preview for the Avengers at the end was great. Can’t wait to see Cap, Iron Man, and beautiful Thor all in one place. 🙂

  2. I saw it a second time today and enjoyed it even more. My concerns with the pacing and trimming the action scenes have been salved, I think. I really enjoyed every minute of the movie, and the Bucky stuff bothered me less this time. This one is up there with the first Iron Man.

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