Watched the pilot for Terra Nova last night. Some really clunky writing in parts, and some potentially massive holes in the premise that they’ll need to fill in. The dialogue doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence that the writers’ table is capable of sealing those holes. But: exciting actions scenes, and I like Stephen Lang. And, hell, dinosaurs.

Also, I guess we’re supposed to feel sympathy for the family because they were cracked down on for having a third kid? Most people shouldn’t have kids at all; why would I feel hostility toward population limits when the world is going to shit? Maybe if they gave some heart-wrenching story for the kid, but all we get is “seemed like a good idea at the time.” Yeah? Well, it seems like a good idea to take your kid away and give it some less selfish asshole now.

I finished up the first of the John Carter books (what’s this, Half-Price? a “nostalgia” charge? oh, you know me all too well), A Princess of Mars. I enjoyed it, though the last third in particular felt rushed. It feels like Burroughs, for whom this was a first novel, was like, “Holy crap, this just keeps going, how do they end this shit?” There are a number of awfully convenient plot points – oh, this guy you just saved just happens to be the exact best person you need to get you through the next act of the book. And Carter himself is quite shallow, being little more than a guy who’s basically the best at everything he needs to be at any given moment. But I liked the setting he created, and it’s a lot of fun in its early pulp fashion. I loved the ending.

I’d like to say I have high hopes for the John Carter movie coming out soon, but it’s Disney. Their recent history with scripts has not been stellar.

Next up is Nights of Villjamur, by Mark Charan Newton. (The sequel had a blurb from China Miéville.)


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  1. I downloaded Princess to my kindle recently. You pretty much echoed my feelings about it too. I should look around and see what else he has in the kindle store.

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