RIP Murky Depths

Mercier’s Flight continues to have no luck. The latest venue I submitted to, Britain’s excellent Murky Depths, has closed its doors. I had reason to believe the story stood a decent chance there, and it’s a market I’ve wanted to get into for a while, so I’m extra sad about this. I think I have another place in mind, but the response time there is something on the order of a year, so it’ll probably be a while before you hear anything more about the story I think is one of my best.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of flash pieces making the rounds, so maybe look for those over the next few months. Particularly around Christmas.

In other news, this volume of Fantastic Four taught me there is still oil in these cybernetics-enhanced tear ducts of mine. Gods speed, Johnny Storm. See ya in a few years when they resurrect you.