Friends like these

Belated Happy Evacuation Day, everyone! Hope you didn’t murder too many people on your shopping sprees.

I mentioned a while back that some friends were shooting a short film. You can watch the trailer now! It is beautiful and devastating. They are in post-production now.

Also, some other friends have assembled the greatest band ever. Be warned: your brain may probably will explode. I have seen them live and spent the following weeks wandering the wilds, forgetting all I thought I knew about civilization. I returned to find reality a pale, depressing proxy. You can listen to and download their album here.

Got a nice, useful rejection notice last week (week before last? who knows anymore?). I’m going to give that particular piece a re-write and see if anyone else wants it. Still waiting to hear back about my Christmas story.

I’ve watched Hell on Wheels, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Walking Dead is kind of on a downward spiral. The action is great when it’s there, and there is enough of the original story from the comics in there, so it’s tolerable. But the pacing is often frustratingly slow and there are very few likable characters. I should want these people to survive, right? EDIT: Just hours after writing this I watched the newest episode, and I take it all back.