Finally got out to see the John Carter movie. I’d heard it was good from various trusted sources, and this was bolstered by Michael Chabon’s appearance in the credits for the screenplay, but went in with mild expectations. The movie is a blast, really fun. It’s not perfect, and I think it helped a lot that I just read the book, but I had a good time. It’s unfortunate that the domestic box office isn’t good (some combination of bad marketing and competition from The Hunger Games, I guess?), but the international intake has been huge, so maybe we’ll be lucky and get a sequel.

I was impressed by how much they kept of the book. There were things cut and tightened for time, but overall most of the important beats were left in.

In the not-so-great consumption of media, I tried to read (audiobook during my commute, rather) Micro, Michael Crichton’s last book, finished by Robert Preston and released posthumously. I’m a fan of shrinking people stories, and NPR gave it a good review, and, hey, the Jurassic Park movie was awesome. I gave up around the time it should have been getting good because the writing was so atrocious. Not just a bad story full of holes or poor characterization, but just outright horrific prose. I’ve been told his earlier stuff is better, but it would have to be. Sheesh. Seriously, it’s probably the worst book I’ve read in a long time. And I hadn’t really heard about Crichton’s anti-science rants before, so I was a little surprised by the climate-denying prologue and the generally bad presentation of the scientific community. More than a little disappointing.

I have traded it out for the Game of Thrones audiobook; though I have generally grown weary of these sorts of high king stories, the television series has sucked me in.


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  1. We finally saw John Carter. It was down to one theater and only 3 shows a day so I’m pretty sure it was our last chance to see it. Your mother and I really enjoyed it. It has made, as of this week still in the top 10, about 263 million most of it international. Unfortunately I hear it cost 250 to make. Not sure there will be a sequel even though I’d love to see it.

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