I’ve just submitted a story to a new superhero market. Nothing new, but a reprint of “The Organization”, which unfortunately disappeared from the internetz when A Thousand Faces disappeared. I’ll be glad if I can get it back online. And it’s a pretty nifty market that I’ll be proud to point people to. More on that when I know it.

Speaking of superheroes, I managed to make it out to The Dark Knight Rises and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s not a perfect movie, by any means – I’m sure there are plenty of people pointing out plot holes and what not.  But I didn’t care. It’s a lot like The Dark Knight in that regard, full of problems but still highly functional. The first of Nolan’s is probably still the best, but I was impressed by this one. They made Bane work! And there was a twist that somehow managed to catch me completely off guard. It’s interesting to see a set of superhero movies that had no intention of going on indefinitely, as is the standard for the genre. They had a beginning, middle, and end. Shit goes down. People change. The serial format of most superhero stories has advantages, but so does a more finite story format.

I’m working on my Bane impression for parties.

Child 44 is chugging along. I like it. It paints an extremely convincing picture of Stalin’s Russia, and presents a villain who is both horrifying and heartbreaking. The prose serves its purpose, but I’m glad I’m listening to the audio book; I might have grown bored with it on paper. There is a lot of POV-shifting in the midst of scenes, an no-no that bugs me. But I like the setting and story quite a bit.

Is anyone else watching Hell on Wheels? I like it.


2 thoughts on “Legacies”

  1. I enjoyed the Dark Knight Returns. I liked the first movie, was pretty blah on the second one (except for HL’s performance), and not very enthused on seeing this one. But after I saw it, I was glad. Not sure if was low expectations going in or what, but I thought it was well done. It was a bit long and really didn’t need that many long action sequences, but I thought the end of the movie was a great end to a trilogy. Glad that the trilogy is done and that it had a satisfying ending. Also curious if there will be any Robin or Nightwing (Nighthawk?) movies with JGL any time soon. 🙂

  2. The first one is still the best, even if the villains got better in the sequels.

    I doubt they’ll be doing any more with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Robin. With Nolan and the main stars gone I’m sure the next Batman we see will be a reboot.

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