Reaction to my latest story has been quite positive! Consensus seems to be that it is a setting that could be expanded, worthy of a larger story. I agree!

This plus my cityscape ideas makes two potential novels that I think I could bring a unique something or other to the table.

I just finished listening to The Yiddish Policeman’s Union audiobook, and it is fantastic. That detective voice there and in Child 44 probably had a little to do with the voice in “It Could Be Us.” At any rate, anything by Chabon is great, so what are you standing around here for?

In an interview appended to the end of the audio book, Chabon talks about the process of writing the novel, and I was appalled. He basically wrote two novels – the first was a much longer first-person exploration of the narrator, which he largely scrapped in favor of the final 3rd person book that was published. This is what separates a pro like Chabon from hobbyists. This is the kind of discipline you need to make it as a writer. I have short stories that need mild retooling that I’ve been too lazy to work on. Will I ever be able to produce a novel worthy of a bookshelf?

I’m tempted to pick up a subscription to Marvel Digital Unlimited. It’s alarmingly cheap and grants access to a massive library of comics. I might pick that up and then start reviewing some of the grand old comics from days past (like the first issue of Fantastic Four I had fun with a while back).