Vanishing Act

Sorry for the absense! My life has changed rather drastically in the past eight weeks. It has been crazy.

I got laid off. You may or may not recall the last time I switched jobs. This involuntary bit is new to me, and not something I care to repeat. It was not entirely a surprise, though I did think I had more time. I’m not someone with an excess of funds stashed away for such events, so things have been a little yeesh.

But. I managed to score a new, better job, and as I close in on the end of the second week at the new place, I’m positive the future is brighter than it was a couple months ago.

So far, there is an acceptable amount of chocolate and inappropriate jokes to be found.

Writing! I have to assume that’s why you’re here. All like two of you. Now that I have an income again, I’ll shortly be signing up for Duotrope. I have several stories that have gone off-line that I’d like to get up again. Also, the investment in Duotrope will, I’m hoping, spur me to get producing again. Also also, a new job means something resembling a routine and schedule again, which is helful in producing as well.

I’m also working on an all-new, all-different project that I hope will turn into something pretty special. I won’t say more for now, in case it doesn’t pan out. I’m having fun working on it, though, and hope you guys get to see it. It’s probably a few months away, at least.