Take Flight!

Big Pulp has graciously accepted my story “Mercier’s Flight,” which has been out and about for literally years now. Originally written as a Christmas story exchange for a writing group mate, it’s one of my better stories, I think. You may recall it earned an Honorable Mention over at the Writers of the Future contest a while back.

This is my first non-flash length story in a while. And it’s the most fantasy-esque story I’ve written. Strong Female Character(TM)! Dragons! Trench warfare! There is a little French in it that I hope I don’t butcher too badly.

One of these days I’ll get around to writing a straight-up sword and sorcerer fantasy story.

Anyway, it’ll be  out in their 2014 edition. Don’t worry! I’ll shamelessly remind of its existence when the time comes.

Flashback trivia: Big Pulp has accepted me before! You can still read “Big in Ak-Sar-Ben” there, and you should. It’s a fun story.

In other news, I’m putting the polish on a re-write request for a new flash piece. Hoping they like the new version of it. It’s also quasi-fantasy, and features the most immensely fucking horrific villain I’ve ever written (no, it’s not the human heart). With a little talent I’ll have good news on that one in the next few weeks.