Angry, but also Good

Not angry, exactly. It didn’t make me mad like Iron Man 3 did (fucking Mandarin bullshit! ahem). Poor word of mouth prepared me. At this point I’m pretty much resigned to only getting one good DC-based super movie a decade. Batman Begins was 2005, so we’re still waiting for one in the 2010s.  (We didn’t get one in the ’90s at all, actually, but at least we had the Batman animated series.)

But Man of Steel is pretty shitty. Whoever cut the trailer knows more about Superman than the filmmakers do. I won’t spend too much time on it, because it took me forever to find time to see it and everything I’m thinking has been said already. Was Green Lantern better?


I can think of no greater insult. That movie had a yellow poop monster but Sinestro was pretty cool. Six of one…?

Superman (1978) is one of the only things ever made that can make me cry. When he first saves Lois. That gets me every time, damn his eyes.  And this.

If this doesn’t give you chills I don’t. What planet are you from? Well, stop being a jerk.

This was one of the first movies I got on Blu Ray and it’s gorgeous. The color pops. The city comes to life. It’s fantastic.

The original has its share of problems, like the earth-spinning thing and Luthor’s lame scheme, Lois’s poetry, etc. But it got way more right than it got wrong.

Anyway, Man of Steel took all that greatness, all the things we love about Superman, and threw it out the window in exchange for a generic science fiction action movie featuring a guy who can do Superman-type stuff.

I did like Jor-El. I always have a soft spot for stories of the ass-kicking super scientist dad of Krypton. And also Faora and her cool helmet.


I have more personality than everyone else in the movie and I’m only on screen like 5 minutes.

I find it’s a common mistake by people unfamiliar with the archetype to think that the powers are what’s important about superheroes. Man of Steel reeks of that attitude. “Let’s have this happen, because we can. This guy can punch a building right? Have him punch a building fifty times.” That stuff is just 37 pieces of flair though. As with all fiction, it’s the character that matters.

I don’t think people understand that the action is often the least exciting part of a comic book.

I don’t know why we can’t get great Superman movies. There are blueprints already made for you, Hollywood. They will cost you less than whatever you paid the jackasses who wrote this one. I can send you a list.

What’s the good part? you ask. Oh, well I had a new story accepted by the good folks over at Every Day Fiction. They’ve done a great job helping me refine these latest couple of stories, and I have to thank them for that (and also the writing group, as always).

So look for “For the Empire” on July 12. You might hate me for it. It is scathing if you read it right.

(I just got done ranting about how a movie failed to deliver a likeable character and now I’m telling you about my story, which features the least likeable human being I’ve ever written. So it goes.)


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  1. At least Ryan Reynolds was charming as the Green Lantern-and yes that part gets me every time.

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