Tales from Snoozeland

I was in a Halloween mood when I wrote that “Tales from Oakwood” post. Then I started to continue it and immediately grew bored with the whole thing. So it goes.

I’m in the middle of two rather large projects. If and when either comes to fruition I will not only speak of them at great length, you will grow weary of my constant plugging of them. “Stop going on about these awesome things,” you will cry, with much gnashing of teeth. I’m quite excited for both and hope you guys get to see them one of these days.

I’m also working on the occasional flash piece. I have one making the submission rounds now. It collected its first rejection this past weekend!

I don’t recall if I mentioned it before, but I got the schedule for Big Pulp’s upcoming stuff, and Mercier’s Flight will be in the September 2014 Issue. Big Pulp is changing up their publication schedule and format next year, and it’s all pretty exciting. It’s a pleasure to be part of the experiment.

Speaking of pleasure, I saw Thor: the Dark World and loved it. I would like to live in this world where everyone you meet is stunningly beautiful and charming and live lives of epic nobility. Later that evening I went to a Janelle Monáe concert and thought: oh, here it is.