On Wednesday nights I seek out the solitude of my favorite local hit-or-miss-coffee-but-good-wifi-and-plenty-of-wall-outlets joint, and there I toil at this writing business. Of late there has been a group of Magic the Gathering players squatting at one of the tables near the front. This is offensive to me, as I am clearly several levels above them on the unwritten but universally understood hierarchy of nerds. Still, I push past their “tapping” and cries of “land!” or whatever and work. It is thankless work, but I do this for you, my gentle readers. Why they can’t play a proper game like HeroClix or Star Trek Attack Wing is beyond me.

Also, if the coffee is bad that night the beer is exceptionally cheap.

I finished up a rough draft of a new story last night. It is good, and fun, and involves sex with a beautiful alien space man. It’s about 1,200 words or so at the moment, so I’ll need to decide if I can whittle it down to 1k for flash or expand it a bit for short-story size. I will say that when I go back to trim things I keep adding more, so we’ll see.

While I was out I stopped by the greatest used bookstore in north Texas just down the street and nabbed these for a buck.  If you ever think you’re writing something too weird or crazy for a broad audience, just remember someone probably got there first, they probably won a Hugo or something for it, and don’t worry about it so much.



2 thoughts on “Lairs”

  1. I am AMAZED by how popular Magic the Gathering has been since like forever. It’s been out so long now it feels like the game should be as old as D&D. Nerds love them some CCGs I guess.

    Also, the covers on those books are totally baller. Evocative, surreal sci-fi book covers seems to be a lost art these days.

  2. I’m totally a sucker for those old ’60s sci fi covers. I could only hope to have a cover that cool one day.

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