Golem Detective

Deep, jagged scratches in the pavement. A little blood. There was more police tape than evidence.

“What do you think?” Finley asked, gesturing at the grooves. They were clustered together, overlapping, like someone took a construction digger to the street but gave up when it turned out to be more work than they thought. Five or six feet long, and nearly as wide. Shain ran a gloved finger down the shallow trenches, pebbles scattering before her hand reached them.

2014-04-03 06.46.28

“Claws,” she said. “Something big. Made of metal.”

“We didn’t find anything nearby.”

“No body, either?”


She nodded. “It took the victim. We’ve got a kidnapping here. If it were a murder they’d just let the golem collapse after the kill.”