Sevastian Dušan

I’m a big fan of Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel Comics. He’s just a cool guy, and I enjoy his origin. The urban mage is a fairly common archetype in comics, from Dr. Fate to Zatanna and Harry Potter (I love Zatanna, too; the backwords-speak spells and fishnet/top hat combo do it for me I guess). Magic is always fun, of course, simply because its only limits are your own imagination. But with the urban mage you have a chance to create characters that readers can actually identify with. Plus the chance to give these sorts of characters, who usually have over-the-top powers and are deeply rooted in ancient traditions and so forth, modern dialogue and problems is just too fun.

So I’ve created my own little contemporary sorcerer, Sevastian Dušan, Mystic Extraordinaire and forward for the minor league hockey team Vancouver Cougars. The thought of a guy in his full hockey dress casting spells with a magic hockey stick amuses me. No helmet, though. That hockey hair needs to fly free. Here’s the opening to a story with him. I’m kind of stuck on it at the moment, with only vague ideas on how to go on.

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Shades of Red

Whew, I have finally completed my revisions on my apocalyptic superhero epic, Shades of Red. There are still problems, but nothing that I think I can solve without turning it into a novel. It probably should have been a novel to begin with. There are simply too many characters to adequately develop them all in a short story (or, rather, a novella, as it’s just short of 10,000 words).

Perhaps I can get back to a semi-regular schedule around here now.


Sorry for the lack of updates (or perhaps I’m doing you all a favor?), I haven’t had much chance to write lately.

I did get to see the latest Harry Potter last night. I enjoyed the non-stop action, but it felt like it was missing some of the puzzles and mysteries that made (I thought) the previous movies so creative and interesting. This one was basically A) Let’s all learn how to kick ass, followed by B) Here we all are kicking ass. Well worth seeing, though. I’ve just started reading the fourth book, so I can’t comment on how well this one was adapted. Hope, who has read the book, thinks it’s the best Potter ever, so take that for what you will.

As for Transformers, well it should have been a shoe-in for me to see it, but the fact that Micheal Bay directed absolutely kills it for me. If I notice when it goes to the dollar theater maybe I’ll catch it then.

On the rental side of things, I saw The Quiet Earth and holy crap that movie rocks. Last Man Alive-type movie. I highly recommend it.

Danny Random

Exercise: Use this sentence somewhere in a short story: His/her hair was wind-whipped and his/her clothes were tattered.

I had some fun with this one, with a classic 1940s-style hero. The idea is actually that the story is about a time-traveling villain (Gunter in the story) who’s plans are always foiled by whatever hero he happens to run into during the course of his schemes. I may write a whole series of these.

Oh, and yes I totally stole Gunter’s last name from a classic ’60s Captain America story. Agent 13 used that same last name as part of her disguise when she infiltrated Baron Zemo’s army. Continue reading Danny Random

Radio Gal

The cast for my superhero universe is steadily growing. Here’s a new one, who I’m loving the idea of. I think she’s got a striking look and a fun personality. Here’s a quick bit I wrote where she learns a new use for her powers. I’m hoping it’s clear what she can do, but if not it’s no big deal, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of opportunities to write some more adventures for her. Continue reading Radio Gal

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