My pitifully short list of published works!

  • “Crush” at Every Day Fiction, February 2008. What do the men of the world do when all the women leave? As it turns out, nothing much different.
  • “Shades of Red” at A Thousand Faces, Issue 4, Spring 2008. A superhero story of epic proportions! Robots! Tentacles! Scandalous behavior! If you’d like a spiffy print version of the book, it can be ordered here.
  • “Aftershocks” at Every Day Fiction, May 2008. A tense and gripping murder mystery! Chosen for their Best of 2008 print anthology, which can be ordered here (as well as various fine booksellers). And now in audio!
  • “Apotheosis Cake” at Every Day Fiction, October 2008. Jennifer hates people, but loves cake. But not that much. It’s not really ironic. Selected for EDF’s 2nd Best of Anthology! Now in audio!
  • “The Squeeze” at Every Day Fiction, May 2009. Our poor narrator discovers one of the more unfortunate aspects of being in a serious relationship.
  • “Four Liars” at 10Flash Quarterly, July 2009. Steampunk-style story about a clock and a long overdue library book.
  • “The Overdue Protocols” at The Future Fire, issue 2009.17. A robot librarian leaves the comfort and safety of the library to retrieve a lost book. Did I mention the robot is sassy?
  • “Big in Ak-Sar-Ben” at Big Pulp, October 2009. A scientist battles giant monsters with math! Does it get more exciting that that? I think not!
  • “Stragglers” at 10Flash Quarterly, October 2009. Crime and murder in the 1920s! Because more than anything I wish I looked cool in a fedora.
  • “With the Band” at Every Day Fiction, November 2009. What’s better than kick-ass rock and roll? Rock and roll in space. Selected for The Best of Every Day Fiction Three.
  • “The Organization” at A Thousand Faces, Issue 13, Autumn 2010. A story about the dangers of a workplace romance. Watch your step around the jetpack loading area. Available in print here. Re-printed over at The Story Shack with illustration!
  • “The Fimbulvinter Revolt” at Every Day Fiction, December 2011. A terrible truth is revealed about Christmas! Podcast edition!
  • “It Could Be Us” at Every Day Fiction, September 2012. Hardboiled science fiction and the wonder of creation. Audio version here! And re-printed at The Story Shack with illustration!
  • “Monologues” at Every Day Fiction, June 2013. Stand-up comics struggle with a big life decision! They’ve got jokes! Mostly dick jokes. Also in audio!
  • “For the Empire” at Every Day Fiction, July 2013. What evil have the war priests brought into their world? And how can a poor knight profit off their mistake?
  • “Iron Privateers” at Every Day Fiction, October 2014. Two-fisted pulp sci fi! Murderous robots! Exploding things! Abolitionists! Featured on the StarShipSofa Podcast!
  • “Mercier’s Flight” in Big Pulp’s Child of Words, Issue 2. A messenger risks life and limb to cross the dragon-infested No Man’s Land of Great War France to deliver a mysterious package. Available at Amazon!
  • “Terra Nullius” at Every Day Fiction, December 2015. The survivors of ∞ null +1 must sleep like they’ve never slept before to save all of existence!
  • “Interrogation Cupcakes” at Every Day Fiction, July 2016. An android detective must coax information about a disturbing murder from the only witness – the victim’s young daughter.

From Sept. 23 to Dec. 3 of 2009 I ran a little nanofic exercise via Twitter, posting a new piece of fiction every day. Most of them suck! But there are a few gems. You can read all of them (and more) here!

I also contribute articles on flash fiction over at the Flash Fiction Chronicles, where you can find many other great writers.


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