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Interrogation Cupcakes Live

Old pals Every Day Fiction have had a rough go of it this year, with server crashes and a site redesign and new submission system that they’re putting through the paces. They’ve relaunched today, starting with a new story of mine, Interrogation Cupcakes. It’s mostly about the ways we talk to kids in times of distress. I see in the comments some people are already missing the point, and it’s barely noon. Good old internet.

Also, cops are awful. That seems timely for some reason.


Terra Nullius

Wrap your year up in style with my new story, Terra Nullius! Will the people of ∞ null +1 save the unsuspecting citizens of today? Find out inside!

It’s been a crazy couple of months for the folks over at Every Day Fiction, with their server and website crashing. I was invited to write a story for them as they scrambled to put together a month of stories to close out the year.

I’m rather fond of this one, and I think it represents something I’ve been seeking out for a little while now: a voice. I’ve been struggling to come up with a reason to write, since straight white dudes aren’t exactly rare in the marketplace, and I think this story sort of puts me on a path of finding things to say while being fun at the same time. Hope you guys like it.


Every Day Fiction has kindly published a new flash piece of mine, Iron Privateers. Go read! Rate! Comment!

Do you like explosions? Robots? Robot pirates? The creeping sense that you are an insignificant part of a system that routinely exploits you and your talents against a metric that values you not by your intrinsic worth as a person but by how much wealth you bring in to people who already have vastly more than you will ever have? Then this one might be for you!

While you’re there, consider signing up for their mailing list or becoming a patron. They’ve done well by me over the years and deserve the support.

Monologues Live!

My latest flash piece, “Monologues” is live over at Every Day Fiction. You should check it out! Let them know what you think. Let me know!

This is me writing about stand-up comedy and the elaborate ways we use it to both lie and tell the truth at the same time. And since I’m a (relatively) new father, that came into it, too. Trivia: the knock-knock joke the little girl in the story tells was actually my own daughter’s first joke. It fit the story perfectly, so in it went.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my usual speculative fiction soon enough.

(For the record, I consider “Someone wore a Bazinga! t-shirt under a blazer.” to be the most obscene bit of the story.)

It Could Be Us

New story is live, over at Every Day Fiction! This is the first story I’ve written and published since my daughter was born.

(I’ve been a little busy.)

So go check it out and let me know what you think! It’s about this beautiful thing we call the creation of life.

While you’re there, wish the hard-working folks at EDF happy birthday! It’s their fifth anniversary this month. They’ve been great to me over the years, making me feel like a real writer and everything, and I wish them further success.

In other news, for those keeping track, Mercier’s Flight, the story that won me an honorable mention at the Writer’s of the Future, got itself yet another pro rejection. I guess I’m going to have to drop down into the non-pro markets for this one. I just don’t know where to send it at this point. It’s frustrating, as I think it’s probably my best story to date, and none of you beautiful people have gotten the chance to read it.

Feel My Sting!

Saw The Green Hornet over the weekend. It’s actually not bad. I had little knowledge of the Green Hornet and Kato before, other than they exist, so I went in with no expectations and low standards. What most impressed me about the movie was that though Kato was the bad-ass, the script managed to stay on track with the Hornet’s story – it’s his moral arc that drives the plot forward. Fun stuff. Eleven-year-old nephew Logan thought it was the greatest thing he’d ever seen (however, he also laughed uproariously at the trailer for the next Big Momma flick, so we take these things with a grain of salt).

[Noted: Seth Rogan has a love/hate relationship with balls. Not sure what’s going on there.]

My nephew, however, has no idea who Bruce Lee is. This is something I must rectify.

In other, totally awesome news, I have been informed that With the Band will be included in Every Day Fiction’s Third Best of Anthology (er, their third anthology, not their anthology of third-best stories, hah!). I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even realize they were putting the anthology together (though it is that time of year) or that I had a story eligible. This is a nice little surprise after a year that was, overall, a very dismal writing period for me.

In other other totally awesome news, I have a pretty solid fantasy story written that I’ll be submitting to the writing group for crits, probably tonight after a few tweaks. Clocking in around 2,600 words, it’s new ground for me, as I haven’t written nearly as much fantasy as someone with my background should.

At any rate, I predict success for this story. I’ll need to blow the dust off my Duotrope account. We shall see!