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Inktober Day 1: Swift

Here we go, day 1. This is longer than I expected! But this introduces our heroes, so it goes. I haven’t had time for a thorough re-reading or much in the way of editing, so my apologies for any glaring errors. Bear with me as I do some character- and world-building, as most of this is done on the fly.


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Inktober 2017

There’s this thing called Inktober, which is a fun little drawing exercise for artists. Thirty days of prompts are provided, and each day the participants draw something inspired by the prompts. A couple of years ago I adapted something similar, called Writoween, and wrote a bunch of little flash pieces, some okay, some meh, over the course of the month. I think maybe I’ll give it a shot again this year?

inktoberI’m kind of thinking though – what if I do one story, using these prompts as sort of chapter titles? At the end I would have something like a 20,000- to 30,000-word novella. Crazy? Or just crazy enough to work?

So I’ve spent yesterday and some time today throwing together a little outline, doing some world building, and some character creation. This material is pretty outside my typical comfort zone, so who knows how it will turn out? It may be terrible. It may be readable. We’ll see! There are witches.

I have, at this moment, the first 13 days plotted out. Hopefully that will give me the proper skeleton to hang some skin on. Wish me luck! Or abject failure, whichever would amuse you more.