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The assorted winners (and almost winners) of the WoTF 3rd Quarter have been posted. I’m in there with the other like 80 people who got honorable mentions.



Normally I am stricken with an inability to remember Edgar Rice Burroughs’s name whenever I am in a bookstore or library, but I finally remembered. While selling some useless old textbooks yesterday I came across this little gem of an edition and snagged it. How can you not love that cover?

I’ve gotten quite a few books over the past few months. I’ll report in my findings as I chew through them. I spent all day Saturday building several new sets of bookshelves for our living room. Then filling them. It looks lovely. Then we lugged the loveseat in front so the baby can’t get at them. You can take my word for it though, they look nice.

In awesome news, I discovered over the weekend that my Mercier’s Flight has received an Honorable Mention over at the Writer’s of the Future Contest. Link when they’ve posted it. It’s the furthest a story of mine has gotten over there (though it’s probably the only one that’s deserved it) and I’m pretty excited. I’ve resumed submitting the story to markets in the hopes that it’ll sell somewhere so you guys can read it.

To the Future!

In the nick of time, yesterday I mailed out my Writers of the Future submission, “The Telepath’s Lament.” It’s probably a waste of time, and the most I’m hoping for is an honorable mention. That would be cool.

I meant to take a picture of myself with the envelope, but completely forgot. I suppose I could fake it with another envelope, but I don’t like to deceive my more sensitive readers.

At any rate, the experience made me appreciate electronic submissions all the more. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to mail a submission anywhere. Almost two bucks to mail a 30-odd page story! That would get expensive pretty quickly.

Well, back to the grind. I’ll be working on polishing up at least one of my Story Every Day pieces, and hope to pump out at least a couple more flash stories this month.